Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Rebate Testers. If you don’t see your question listed below, please contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is works with manufacturers and companies to help them get real customer feedback on their products & overall feelings regarding the industry/competing products. We manage the whole process: Finding testers, managing the rebate process, & providing them with the feedback they are looking for.

How does the process work?

It’s super simple! You sign up, buy the products they need you to have for their feedback requirements, and you are reimbursed with 24 hours. Then you have fill out a 2-3 question feedback form once you’ve had a chance to use the products in the real word. This is required to be completed within 45 days. It’s pretty hassle-free with a low time commitment.

Are shipping costs covered?

As of now, yes. The brands we work with generously agreed to cover not only the product costs but also shipping costs. If that changes in the future, we will let you know!

Why do companies give away free products?

When launching a new product or preparing for a large (and expensive) marketing campaign, companies are willing to compensate users with products to make sure everything will go smoothly. By working with these companies can receive the feedback on their target market and how their products stack up. This gives them the confidence in increasing production, launching nationwide marketing campaigns, or scrapping product lines all together. At we connect these companies with real product testers like you and they don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on large scale focus groups! Best of all, as a Rebate Tester you’ll get opportunities to test out (and keep) a variety of products for free. Everybody wins.

What do you mean by rebate?

You will purchase the product from the manufacturers preferred distribution partner (generally Amazon, Walmart, or Target.) Within 24 hours of purchasing the product, you will submit the rebate form which asks for your name, Order Id/transaction number, and you Paypal. After your order is verified, you will be reimbursed within 24 hours as long as you agree to provide feedback WITHIN 45 days so our staff can process the refund. Our staff processes rebates once per day Monday – Friday. Due to this, any purchases made over the weekend will receive their rebate the following Monday. Failure to provide feedback within 45 days will result in a withdrawal of the REBATE. If you need more time, notify your brand ambassador.

I don’t have a Paypal. Can I use Venmo?

As of now, we only offer Paypal rebates.

Why does it have to be rebate? Why can’t I get it shipped right to my door?

As explained earlier, most of the companies keep their products at third party warehouses for fulfillment. Therefore, the companies don’t do any of the shipping or handling so you must purchase it from the distributor. You have to place the order to get the order processed and fulfilled to your desired destination. Second, rebates help keep people more accountable and avoid scammers. Otherwise, people take the free products and disappear without doing their part of the deal in providing feedback.

Can you Paypal me the money before I buy it?

No, this breaks our terms of service with the companies we work with.

How many offers will I get?

The number of opportunities will vary based on the amount of current offers our partners have available. Off the bat, you will receive your “first offer” and after we receive feedback from your first review your account is moved into the next tier and you receive offers for all the available products for your tier. As more offers are completed your account is graded to higher tiers (opening up more offers) etc.

I want to be a Rebate Tester! How do I start? is currently invite only. Once you apply you will be sent an email for verification purposes. If you don’t reply to that email, you will not be eligible for any of the deals. Once there is an available offer, we will shoot out a massive email with all the instructions. It’s first come first serve, so act quickly if you want to get the deal.

What do you mean by “feedback”?

After you fill out a rebate form you will receive an email with the feedback form on the Rebate Testers website. It is super brief and takes about 2-3 minutes to fill out. There’s s a scale of 1-5 and usually one or two questions that take under 60 seconds to answer. Feedback can range from detailed to very simple based on your personal thoughts and feelings.

How do I know this isn't a scam?

To protect both parties, we go through 3rd party sources such (Amazon, Walmart, etc.) to give testers security of their money at all time. If you don’t get your rebate (you will) this provides you the ability to cancel/return the product. Additionally, this allows the company to verify that you did, in fact, purchase the product and didn’t return the product after being refunded.

Do I have to write a review on any other websites?

No, the feedback form is provided on our website.

When do I have to leave feedback by?

The feedback form must be completed within 45 days of receiving your rebate. That said, please wait at least 14 days to fill out the feedback form after receiving the product. This gives you enough time to actually see what you think of the product. 

Can I submit multiple rebate forms?

ONE ACCOUNT PER HOUSEHOLD/ PayPal account. Multiple rebate submissions WILL NOT be reimbursed. Do not attempt to submit them under different names/emails. Your account will be blocked from Rebate Testers.

How do I get blacklisted?

By breaking the terms and conditions such as submitting multiple rebates, failing to provide feedback by the deadline, returning your order on Amazon, or a manufacturer requesting we no longer work with you. Remember this is an opportunity, not a right. With limited products, we have to be selective with our testers.

Can I return or sell the product?

You cannot return the product to the retailer. Returns cost the manufacturers/ brands we work with as they are required to cover the costs associated. That said, you allowed to give the item as a gift or sell on a third party marketplace such as eBay or Facebook ONCE your testing has been completed.